Logo Design for New India

The client: Logo design for a non-profit NGO. New India was launched in February 2018, self-funded by a Bangalore based couple.

The brief: Give a fresh outlook to their passionate vision. The vision New India, is to contribute towards building aninvincible India. This vision they aim to achieve through initiatives like, a Cashless Hospital for Cancer patients, Justice for Rape Victims and bring hope to underprivileged kids by providing them with education, health and shelter.

The Logo Design: Our approach was to justify this vast vision by creating a logo that is bold, solid and powerful, a logo that lives the promise of ensuring a progressive India. This approach led us to choose the colour, Red and to strike a balance and to communicate stability, we used a neutral grey. The combination reflects passion as well as commitment, this way the logostays in alignment with the vision of the organization. New India was successfully launched in presence of national media.


ClientNew India