Logo Design for a 100 years old brand.

The Client: Keshavlal Dalpthabhai Zavari & Co, has been driving Jadav Jewelry for a century now.

The Brief: On account of completing 100 years in the jewelry business, the client wanted to re-energize their brand and establish connect with the new generation audience whilst keeping their legacy intact.The brand was given a new identity without ignoring the legacy factor and yet making it appealing to the current generation of consumers through a communication exercise.

The Logo Design: The old logo of the jewelry brand suffered from practical issues like being lengthy, the idea was to go short and smart. Simple rationale and a lot of persuasion convinced the seniors who were resistant to change. The approach was to have the name cleverly converted into an acronym KDZ. The acronym approach ensured top-of-the-mind brand recall for the younger clientele. This transformation necessitated an entire brand communication exercise covering extensions, brand campaigns, photography, exhibitions, digital asset creation and marketing.

ClientKeshavlal Dalpthabhai Zavari & Co