Logo Design for Amansara

The Client: PC Realty, the esteemed realtors from Bengaluru, were launching their new project – Amansara, a unique plotted development in Yelahanka, situated in the midst of serenity and lush greenery on all sides.

The Brief: To position Amansara as an exclusive property.

The Logo design: We decided to build an overall brand integration at every touch point. The name Amansara is a blend of two Sanskrit words, ‘Aman’ (meaning ‘peace’) and ‘Apsara’ (the heavenly nymphs of Hindu mythology). We wanted to carry this peaceful element in every inch of our communication and lead viewers through a brand experience. The visual identity therefore had to be minimal and pristine. Amansara was defined with a line drawing of a Dove with a leaf stem as its Brand identity, since the Dove symbolises peace and the leaf stem to communicate the green environment one could wake up to everyday. Various extensions for brand experience were then created to extend the brand identity. Product collaterals also carried the same theme of minimal elements.

ClientPC Realty